Dying ain’t so bad
                                    Not if you вσтн go together
                                  O n l y when one’s left behind
                                             Does it get sad

                                                ——— ♔ ———

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"Hey, little cutie"

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       Woah. He’s really tall. She doesn’t recognize him, so he’s probably new around the neighborhood? Should she respond or should she not? Her mother always told her to never talk to strangers, but he could be lost. So Niki being Niki, she just silently stared at him. Ah, I wish Destin was here. 


There are two reasons why people don’t talk about things; either it doesn’t mean anything to them, or it means everything
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the bioluminescent noctiluca scintillans — an algae known otherwise as sea sparkle — of australia’s jervis bay. photos by (click pic) andy hutchinson, joanne paquette and naomi paquette. see also: more bioluminescence posts)



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I know there are people out there too shy to show their faces, I wanted to know who’s out there that understands that and still wants to RP with everyone